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Radiography & Ultrasound

Faster, more accurate diagnosis of problems with your pets

We have digital x-ray systems available at our centre in Ashford and our branch practice in New Romney. These have the advantage of rapid image acquisition, the ability to manipulate images and ease of storage compared to normal film based systems. The Ashford system has what is known as a PACS system associated with it, which allows us to view images at any terminal on or off site.

Our high frequency x-ray generators allow for the versatility to perform radiography on animals as small as a mouse or as big as a Great Dane, without the problems of movement blur or underexposure. All of this helps us in the faster, more accurate diagnosis of problems with your pets.

We also have an imaging suite where ultrasound and endoscopy are performed. Our ultrasound machine is equipped with multiple probes, of different frequencies, to allow us to image the internal organs of different sized animals.

We also have the ability to perform colour flow Doppler imaging, useful in cardiac cases. The ultrasound machine is often used in conjunction with x-rays to provide a complete picture of the disease process.

It can be used for basic procedures such as pregnancy diagnosis, up to more complex procedures such as ultrasound guided biopsies of internal organs, avoiding the need to “open” surgeries and allowing your pets to be treated less invasively, often as a day patient.