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Why choose Barrow Hill?

12 reasons to let us look after your pet

  1. We are Ashford’s premier Veterinary centre with 24 hr nursing care for our clients.
  2. Our staff are caring and friendly and treat your pets as they would treat their own. The wonderful thank you letters we regularly receive are testament to our dedicated staff.
  3. We will price match vaccinations; we know that times are hard and if you find a vaccine cheaper than ours within a ten mile radius we will match that price.
  4. We can perform keyhole surgery including bitch spays. We are one of only a tiny handful of practices that offer this operation in Kent. Keyhole surgery means smaller wounds, faster recovery and a lower risk of complications.
  5. Many of our patients and their owners have been coming to us for many years and some still come to us from many miles away. We were established over one hundred years ago.
  6. Our equipment, operating theatres and laboratory are advanced and allow us to care for your pets to an extremely high standard.
  7. It is easy and convenient to use all of our three practices. They all have free parking. We also offer free visits to Wye on a Tuesday morning so that your pet can treated in the comfort of your own home.
  8. We have a VIP pet club which allows you to spread the cost of routine veterinary care throughout the year. You will receive great discounts on neutering, food and over the counter products.
  9. The senior vet at the centre has extra qualifications in imaging and surgery. The whole team are able to benefit from his knowledge and surgical skills providing for even better care for your pet.
  10. In most cases we will do direct insurance claims for larger procedures. We understand that not everyone has the funds to pay for their insured pet’s treatment at the time.
  11. We will provide estimates for any procedure so you will always be fully informed.
  12. We have separate wards for cats and dogs because we know that noisy dogs can be stressful for scared cats. We also have a separate intensive care ward and a ward for pets with infectious diseases.