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Behind the Scenes

How we offer the best possible animal care at Barrow Hill Veterinary Centre

  • Our large reception area is divided into 2 main spaces so that it is possible for dogs and cats to sit separately in the waiting areas.
  • We have a friendly team of receptionists available to help with booking appointments for consultations and operations.
  • All of our consultation rooms are air conditioned. An up to date computer system links all of our surgeries, at the touch of a button. This gives us access to all of your pets records whenever you call and whichever branch you are from.
  • Our operating theatres are only used for surgical procedures. This means that they are kept in the high state of cleanliness necessary for the maintenance of a sterile environment.
  • The high intensity lighting and up to date surgical equipment enables our surgical team to perform all manner of operations such as more complex orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries.
  • The prep room is the hub of the centre. All of our patients are prepared for surgery here. This is where we take blood samples and put animals on drips when necessary.
  • Diagnostic imaging is an important part of most investigations. This is where we can look into the patient without resorting to surgery. We can use endoscopes to look inside organs, such as the stomach, into joints and up noses.
  • A dedicated x-ray suite enables us to produce high quality images, to use in conjunction with our ultrasound machine.
  • If your pet needs to stay in for the day, they will be as comfortable as possible in our air-conditioned kennels. We have separate wards for dogs and cats, to minimise stress.
  • The dog wards have kennels big enough for a Great Dane as well as cosy enough for a Yorkshire Terrier!
  • In keeping with our ideals, to provide cutting edge facilities at our centre, in Ashford, we have been using laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) with increasing frequency.