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Endoscopy & Laparoscopy

Our centre provides cutting edge laparoscopy facilities

In keeping with our ideals, to provide cutting edge facilities at our centre, in Ashford, we have been using laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) with increasing frequency.

Over 650 procedures have now been performed since we introduced it in February 2011. We were the first Veterinary practice in the UK to buy a new blood vessel sealing device, called a Force Triad, more commonly used in human hospitals. This enables safe, quick closure of blood vessels during surgery.

The benefits of laparoscopy are significant reductions in post-operative pain and hence recovery times. The wounds are significantly smaller meaning patients are less likely to traumatise them, themselves and if they do the consequences are reduced in severity.

Visualisation is greatly improved allowing the whole abdomen to be examined through a 6mm hole (portal). Cosmetic appearance is also improved ( although our patients seem less concerned by this!)

Procedures performed laparoscopically

  • Routine spaying of bitches
  • Retained testicles in male dogs
  • Liver biopsies (and other organs such as kidneys, pancreas as may be necessary)
  • Exploratory abdominal surgery
  • Cystoscopy (bladder exploration)
  • Thoracic exploration including operations on the lining of the heart and lungs