Patient of the Month

Djembe December 2020

After a few weeks of intermittent lameness, Djembe presented to us with a high temperature and a large swelling, later discovered to be an abscess, in his abdominal body wall.

After a two surgeries and an ultrasound scan, we found a grass seed (see photo) hiding between his muscles. This had been migrating around his body causing him to feel intermittently unwell eventually settling and causing a nasty infection.

This explained why initially his symptoms resolved with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. It is suspected that this grass seed entered Djembe's foot initially (causing the lameness) and then tracked up his leg, eventually burrowing into his body wall.

Grass seeds most commonly get stuck in the feet or ears and are usually easier to find! But as Djembe proves, they can be much more serious. At this time of year make sure you check your dogs for grass seeds after walks particularly between their toes and around their ears.