Patient of the Month

Chester June 2020

Chester came into us when his owners noticed he had laboured breathing. After x-raying him, we found that he had lots of fluid on his lungs which was making it difficult to breathe.

The fluid was found to be pus indicating a severe infection. We placed a large chest drain and for the following days, flushed out his chest removing as much pus as possible. Chester remained in the hospital for a week on a cocktail of...pain medication and antibiotics.

Chester made great improvement daily and throughout the whole of his illness, he was such a friendly boy, just about managing to purr even when we were draining his chest - which I am sure you can imagine, is slightly uncomfortable!!

Chester is such a lovely (and particularly handsome!) cat and a fond favourite with all of the Barrow Hill Staff. He is recuperating at home and is so far making excellent progress from this life-threatening illness.

Paws up to Chester!