Patient of the Month

Cassie March 2021

Cassie was brought in to us after being lethargic and miserable for a few days. After investigation, we found that Cassie was suffering from peritonitis, which is infection in the abdomen, and she needed emergency surgery to find the cause.

Supportive treatment (fluids and antibiotics) were given immediately and later that evening, surgery was performed. A perforated gastric ulcer was found which was removed and the stomach sutured together, then her abdomen was flushed out to remove as much infection as possible.

Cassie was very ill for several days and didn't want to eat so had a second surgery to place a feeding tube into the intestines and bypass the stomach so we could feed her. As she was so poorly and hadn't been eating, the protein levels in her blood dropped making her even more poorly. We were able to support her with infusions of plasma and artificial proteins.

We were very worried that we might lose her but Cassie put up a really good fight and over the next few days rallied enough to go home on lots of medications and continued tube feeding (her owners are extremely dedicated!).

After a week she was starting to eat for herself and had the feeding tube removed. Cassie is going from strength to strength and we are so happy she has done so well after such a tough time!